pátek 24. srpna 2012

Why did I start to write this blog?

At my high school I was drilled to write a poem or an essay each week. And when I left my high school I often found myself perfecting a text in my mind. And while I was doing that I couldn't think about anything else nor sleep. The only thing helping me was to sit behind a table, take a keyboard, and pour it down to the screen emptying my brain for other things. From the beginning I was writing the texts just for myself as it was my sleeping pill. But after a disk failure when I recovered everything but my notepad I felt pity for all the hours I have spend writing and I started publishing my "nightmares" on web to keep them safe. And while I used to be happy that no one reads my articles I am starting to feel bad that I am wasting my time on unhelpful articles, which even aren't precised to the best high school standard anymore. Hence I decided to prune and edit the articles to make them useful for broad audience.

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