neděle 12. srpna 2012

My Firefox Addons

My favorite Firefox addons are:
  1. Adblock Plus with Element Hiding Helper. It's really easy with them to get rid of any flashing item on web including text and jumping frames.

  2. Customize Your Web can automate clicking on dialogs that just slows you down.  
  3. Locationbar2 can enhance your url bar so it's more tablet friendly.

  4. OutWit Hub is a perfect tool for web mining since it can mine everything you can access with your Firefox. Hence no problems anymore with obscure security, which is there just to prevent automated tools from data mining.
  5. Rewind/Fastforward Buttons add a button to quickly return to the previous domain. For example you are searching for something and click on the first link from Google. At the beginning it looks good but after 5 clicks you want to return to Google and try another link. Traditionally you would have to click back 5 times. With this extension you just click a button once.

  6. BugMeNot helps to quickly bypass registration forms.

  7. And finally Nightly Tester Tools that allows to run old addons even in new versions of Firefox.

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