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The best castle in Heroes 2

It's magical that Heroes 2 doesn't age. The graphics is still nice as it doesn't attempt to be realistic, but indeed stylized. And it works. It works so well that time to time I return to play it. And as I switch castles all the time to increase the variety I try to imagine an ideal castle with ideal creatures.

My ideal castle would have following creatures:
  1. Skeletons. They are expensive, but that's not a concern as your dead enemies are a free source of them. And they have extremely high damage (2-3) for a first class creature.
  2. Gargoyles as they are fast and you get them with each recruited hero. Hence if you need a hero just for exploring, you recruit a hero and leave the relatively slow skeletons in the castle. As the hero's troop now contains only fast units the hero can now move further each round. Additionally flying troops are handy for blitzkrieg in the first week.
  3. Elves. Each castle should have some shooters. And you really want to have some shooters for the blitzkrieg in the first week. Furthermore they have average or above average speed hence they don't slow down your heroes and that's quite a unique feature for a low-level shooter. The only problem is that in the first week you are going to have just a few of them.
  4. Vampire (Lords) as they can resurrect them self. You just have to wait until you collect 15 of them and then they are invincible as with each attack they refill their rows to the full rank. The only problem is if the enemy concentrates all his power to vampires and kill them all in one round. Or if the opponent has only strong units as they die slowly and you can't fully benefit from vampire lord's special feature.
  5. Hydras. They are ridiculously slow but as they have a lot of hit points and they are cheap they are perfect for defense. And they are usable for attack as well. Once I didn't have enough money to buy dragons but I had teleport spell and I could afford to buy 40 hydras. So I have been decimating the enemy with just these 40 hydras. It was satisfying to see all enemies troops to get bitten by 40 hydras at once.   
  6. Paladins. They have ridiculously low number of hit points but they cause extremely high damage. Their secret of successful use lies in getting resurrect spell because for each spell point you can resurrect one paladin. And six resurrected paladins each turn is not bad at all. Additionally it's commonly easier to build the cathedral than a dragon tower. Of courmage by giving up of the dragons you also give up of dragon and Armageddon combo. But as you commonly have many skeletons in your group you don't want to cast Armageddon anyway.
Overall I think the castle is reasonably balanced. It has two fliers. A shooter. And a defender. The first level unit is useful during the whole game as skeletons are available from the beginning of the game and the number of skeletons grows so quickly that they are one of the most important units inlate game if not the most important. And the last level unit is affordable enough to enter the field in the middle epoch when others are still collecting resources to recruit the last level unit or even to build the dwelling structure (yes, black dragons, we are talking about you). The strategy in the first week is to build dwellings for the first four lowest units, the well and the statue. You are left with one free day which gives you some extra money to recruit units, build a ship dock or a market. In the first two weeks you recruit only skeletons, gargoyles and elves. On a small map you have good chances to successfully attempt for a blitzkrieg. In the case your castle is attacked you build swamp for hydras to have a defensive unit with many hit points. In the second week you commonly build swamp and the cathedral. At the beginning of the third week you should have plenty paladins and even enough money to recruit them. At the beginning of the fourth week you should have enough resources to update vampire's dwelling and recruit all 18 vampire lords. From now your forces will compose only from skeletons, elves, paladins and vampire lords as gargoyles are now rendered obsolete. In each epoch you are using three to four different units thus you can always accept some new units that wish to join you.

The castle is dark oriented - skeletons, gargoyles, vampires and hydras are already dark and in the dark fantasies there are always some dark elves and dark knights. Hence from a design point of view the castle makes sense and there shouldn't be any penalty for mixed troop just because you have elves and skeletons together. However, the castle is mixing undead and living creatures and that is causing some troubles. Even if we omit morale penalty for undead in the troop there are some spells for entirely live or undead troops like mass bless or dead ripple and their usefulness is now crippled. But it's possible to live with that till you don't get them in your own mage guilds (just like you don't get death ripple if you play as a knight).

What's your opinion about my castle?

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