sobota 18. srpna 2012

What I Hate on Fairy Tale Dimensions Website

I love the idea that fairy tale can be described by their mood. And does that. However, the chosen style is inappropriate:
  1. Fairy tales are written on paper, which ages. Hence the dominant color of the style should be beige and not red. An example of a webpage that respects that was Studentský Underground. And even youtube and are using paper background:

  2. The front logo shouldn't be just a generic text but a picture characterizing the content. My idea is five colorful vertical stripes, each decorated by a white pictogram, depicting five fairy tale factors. The reference picture depicting the idea:

    Here we can see four cups. But hey, they associate strong emotions.
  3. Fairy tales are written with a serif font. But the web is using sans serif. That's plain wrong.

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