úterý 14. ledna 2014

Nest Thermostat

Since we have self learning thermostats I predict that sooner or later we will have self learning electrical kettles. When you wake up, the water for the morning coffee will be preheated. So when you push the button you don't have to wait an eternity for the morning cup of coffee. And in the evening when it detects you are returning home it preheats water. It doesn't matter whether you use the hot water for a cup of tea or for dinner. It will be there ready on push of button. But in the mean time the kettle is not going to keep the water warm since it knows no one is home. Comfort and efficiency blended together. PS: did you notice how hard it is to estimate how much of water to pour into the kettle so you always pour a bit more of water than is necessary just to be sure you don't end up with too little water? If you have your favorite cup the intelligent kettle can learn it and preheat the exact amount of water. And it can get so far that you push the button and based on the sensors it fills any cup just the way you like - to the border or a centimeter below. Your choice.

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