čtvrtek 23. ledna 2014

Execution of MBR score.sas generated in SAS Enterprise Miner in SAS Enterprise Guide

Execution of non-data-step models like MBR and SVM is different from execution of data-step models like tree and regression. Hence it is not possible to call score.sas like:

data output;
   set input;
   %include "C:\score.sas";

Instead you have to use something like:

/* Note: For k-NN score.sas is not enough by itself.
   k-NN also needs whole training set.*/

/* Define EMSCORE library where MBR will look for training
   and scoring data. It has to be named EMSCORE. */
libname EMSCORE base "C:\EMSCORE";

/* Define training data. It has to be named EM_TRAIN_MBR
   and reside in EMSCORE. */
    set learning;

/* Define scoring data. Scoring data will be overwritten
   with MBR prediction. It has to be named em_score_output. */
data EMSCORE.scoring;
    set scoring;
%let em_score_output=  EMSCORE.scoring;

/* Execute MBR */
data _null_;
   %include "C:\score.sas";

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