čtvrtek 17. května 2012

Soup bowl from a brick

I have been examined on creativity and asked "For what can you use a brick?". And I thought about using a brick as a soup bowl in a restaurant. Just imagine the eyes of a surprised guest when you tell him "here is your soup" and all he can see is a plate with a steaming brick. The same brick from which the restaurant is built.

How to create a bowl from a brick:
  1. You need a high quality brick, which doesn't crumble. It can have decorative imprints on it's sides.
  2. Use lathe to carve a bath into the brick. It's possible to carve a logo into the sides of the bowl.
  3. Use hydrophobic impregnation to prevent soaking of water by the brick during the washing. 
  4. Glaze the inside of the bath so the customer has a sense of cleanliness.

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