pátek 11. května 2012

Greatest easily replicable inventions of 20th century

By simple I mean things you can replicate in a reasonably short time just yourself, given you know ahead how to make them.
  1. Diffie-Hellman asymmetric cipher
  2. Game theory applied to prisoners dilemma, Nash equilibrium
  3. Prospect theory. Demonstrate it on a questionnaire
  4. Penicilin. Use bread
  5. Nylon. Use it on Velcro - demonstrate it on shoe for kids. Use on pantyhose and toothbrush
  6. Ballpoint Pen
  7. Zip
  8. Slinky
  9. Rubic cube
  10. Sticky notes
  11. Contact lenses
  12. Two-ply toilet paper 
  13. Dunning-Krugger effect (Wikipedia)
  14. Bubble wrap 
  15. Elastic rope 
  16. Jenga (Wikipedia) 
  17. Twister game 
  18. Crosswords
  19. Controlled studies in medicine 
  20. Fastener

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