středa 9. listopadu 2011

My nightmares

The Stone
This is one of my oldest nightmares. In the nightmare, I am lying in a bed and a huge ball from polystyrene is pressing on my chest.

The Restroom
That I use a restroom in a dream. While it isn't terrifying in the dream, the consequence is terrifying.

The Math
Don't even attempt to solve a mathematical problem in a dream - even though you solve one part of the problem and write the solution on a paper, you forget it once you move to another part. So you have to return and solve the first part again. What a Sisyphus work!

The Time
It is dangerous to rely on clocks in dreams - their time don't have to be necessary the real time. And it is particularly embarrassing if you setup a timer in a dream and then you wake too late to attend an important meeting.

The Unpleasant Event
When you have to do something unpleasant, you may end doing that in a dream. But be aware, if you do it in a dream, it doesn't mean it was done in the real world even though you believe you have alredy done that!

The Laughing
This is a real nightmare - I start to laugh and can't stop. And to make it worst - I start to laugh when it is inappropriate.

The Loggia
Sometimes I slip on Loggia and I have to try hard to catch something and prevent a fall. This nightmare is particularly connected to my old loggia, which had huge cracks between the loggia floor and supporting walls, so the whole floor was tilted. To make it worse, the whole fence was connected with  four rusted steel bars, which were partially detached from the wall, so it was just a matter of enough force to pull it out completely. And the fence itself was from iron plates, of course thoroughly corroded, so you could see through. And did I mention that it was in the 8th floor, on a windy side and I was just 5 years old?

Unfinished House
Ownership of an unfinished poorly designed house full of rudimentary flaws is a true nightmare.   

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