pondělí 4. září 2017

Keyboard shortcuts on MacOS

MacOs does some things right. And some not so much.

  1. A dedicated (and simple!) shortcut for displaying the configuration of an application. On windows, you generally have to fish for "setting" or "preferences" in the application menu. Not so on MacOS - it is always command+",".
  2. A variety of shortcuts for different screenshots.
  1. No dedicated keyboard shortcut for find and replace. On Windows, it is always ctrl+"r". On MacOS, it is application specific.  Sometimes it is command+alt+"f", sometimes command+shift+"f" and sometimes there is simply no keyboard shortcut at all and you have to use mouse to tell the app to perform the find and replace and not just find! If you wonder, both, F5 and command+"r" perform refresh.
  2. No keyboard shortcut for displaying context menu - you have to use right click on the mouse.

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