sobota 31. října 2015

I hate OS X El Capitan

There are following quirks on the new OS X that drives me crazy:
  1. I like if the typed text immediately shows on the display. However, on El Capitan the text can get sometimes delayed by whole seconds. This is a system wide problem - the "feature" equally affects Mail just as TextEdit. And when text lags behind typing even in such undemanding applications like TextEdit, I am getting furious.
  2. Why do they have to move previous/next week controls in Calendar in each version? Every time I get finally accustomed to the new position they move it from one side of the window to the other side. Guys, make your mind!
  3. GUI in some applications, like Navicat, got unbearably sluggish. This will likely get fixed with updates of the affected applications. But in the mean time, I am not happy.
  4. With each update of OS X the GUI (or display setting) gets more colorful. The change is  subtle - I am noticing the change only for the first few hours. But still, I am terrified of where this trend will end.

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