sobota 14. ledna 2012

Global warming

Why people like to believe in global warming caused by emissions of carbondioxid?
Because people don't like, when they can't control things or at least explain them.

Why people like to listen to stories about global warming?
Because kids enjoy morbid fairy tails. And global warming is a blockbuster fairy tail for adults.

Does global warming really exist?
Since Vaclav Klaus, a man who hates ecologists, accepts the existence of global warming, global warming is a reality.

Is global warming caused by people?
Global warming is nothing new. It happens all the time. The last big warming happened during the transition from ice age to what we have now. These changes of temperature are natural, periodic, bigger and faster, than what we experience nowadays. See plot of temperature in the past & presence.

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  1. Faster changes than before? Where is your data? (your link does not work). This is central to the crisis.

  2. The link should link you to (an article about Holocene climatic optimum)